About Us

Our History

RTU Security Solutions was founded by Paul Paquin and Mark Scheck, bringing over 35 years of policing experience to the private sector. The two have gained a multitude of security knowledge and experience from their careers in policing, having assisted in the development and organization of high-profile security operations such as:

  • Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Canada,
  • Major company strikes,
  • G8 & G7 Summet’s
  • The 2010 Vancouver Olympics
  • The Tour of Alberta
  • The High River floods and
  • Multiple high profile court cases where security at the Provincial Courthouses became a priority because of protestor involvement.

Both Paul and Mark have a background in criminal interdiction, spending a great deal of their careers investigating major drug, weapon and other criminal offenses.

Upon leaving their policing careers, both Paul and Mark have worked in the private sector as Security Specialists, Camp Security Leads and Narcotic Detection Canine Handlers in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction and Drug rehabilitation industries.

Some of their private sector experience has been at Trans Mountain Pipeline sites, Keystone pipeline sites and Coastal Gaslink sites. All of these present unique and challenging hurdles in the area of security management.

We have worked on a variety of projects with an active protestor presence on location. These major projects covered a large geographical area with multiple worksites and protestor camps throughout. We have been involved in coordinating and implementing security protocols at these locations as well as being involved in active protestor demonstration on numerous occasions.

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